#AMMConnect Bio #AMM Round 6

Picture2It’s Author Mentor Match time again! This is my second time applying, since then I’ve revised and rewrote chunks of my MS. In this post I’ll be sharing a bit more about myself and my manuscript. I hope you like lists because this post has a lot of them! #AMMConnect




My name is Felicia and I was born in a big city and raised in a small South African town. I’ve always had a love for story-telling and reading. My mother made sure I had a lot of books growing up. While my father took me too various museums and exhibitions. Last year I graduated with my BA in Creative Writing with a major in English and Theory of Literature. English is my second language, so if I don’t make sense I apologize.


• Writing (obviously)
• Photography
• Mythology, history, & art
• Travelling and exploring new (and old) places
• Nature and animals (I have 4 large dogs)
• Visiting museums, art galleries, and cemeteries (especially on Sundays with an ice-cream in hand)


• It // Midnight in Paris // As Above, So Below // Happy Death Day // Stranger Things
• Game of Thrones // American Horror Story // Penny Dreadful // Guardians of the Galaxy
• Crimson Peak // The Haunting of Hill House



Undead Girl Gang - CopyI love reading all kinds of books, from YA contemporary to Adult thrillers. If I find a book interesting I will read it. I might even devour it.

• Daughter of Smoke of Bone // Vampire Academy // Caraval // The Cruel Prince

On My TBR:
• The Wicked King //  The Gilded Wolves // Enchanteé // Spectacle // Six of Crows





I’ve always wanted to be a writer, one of the first stories I wrote was in 2nd grade about cows (I still love cows). I’ve been writing ever since. I’ve written four manuscripts, all of which I’d like to rewrite one day. My stories usually feature misfits, macabre, magic, and mythology.



My current manuscript is DANCE OF DEATH, a YA urban fantasy about witches in Paris. I’ve written everything I love into this novel. My main inspiration was friendship and how two people with diverse backgrounds and lifestyles could become friends. Some of the other themes are darker, like the cults and death in Paris. But I added enough food and glamourous locations to create a balance (I promise).

PREMISE: Two witches with different magical inheritances unite to find their loved ones before they become victims of the occult rituals that are drenching Paris in death.

MY Comps:
• Undead Girl Gang
• Grim Lovelies
• Chilling Adventures of Sabrina


parisWhat I listened to while working on this project:

– Florence and the Machine (especially Which Witch)
– Crimson Peak Soundtrack
– A playlist one of my CP’s made for my novel
– Lorde
– Hozier
– And a variety of other dark and moody music!


begin - Copy

Some elements in my novel:
• Dual POV (queer MC & biracial MC)
• A coven of misfit witches
• Feminism & girl power
• Paris & Parisian aesthetics
• Pastries & food
• Death in all forms
• Glamourous locations
• A fluffy white cat
• Occultism & Cults
• Platonic friendship between a guy & a girl
• Herbal tea
• Magic

I wrote DANCE OF DEATH during NaNoWriMo 2017. Since then I’ve gone through several rounds of revisions. I hope whoever reads this story will adore it as much as I do!


IMG_20180129_213115_869I’m ready to take my novel to the next level and get it as polished as possible. My writing journey has taught me that critical feedback is crucial to improving and thriving. I’m open to new ideas and making changes. I’m also looking forward to working with a mentor that will see the potential of my story and guide me in making my novel the best it can be.



Happy writing!


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