CampNaNo Results & Writing Progress

July had been quite a month; I was on a mini break, celebrated my birthday and did CampNaNo.

Unfortunately I didn’t reach my goal, BUT I did manage to get a lot of revising done. Even though I didn’t win, it helped to know I had a sort of deadline. For the most part I didn’t want to rush to get done, and then end up having to go back through everything again. Instead I worked at a pace that suited me and managed to polish a lot of chapters. I had 20 pages left to revise to reach my goal. However, I’m glad I didn’t push it because those 20 pages ended up being A LOT of work.


Since July I’ve realised that I have been working at a faster pace – which I’m loving! I have finished my 3rd draft revisions!! It’s been difficult, but I managed to pull through and I’m happy about the end result. I now plan to do some research on a few things I’d like to add and then just into my 4th draft next week. I have about two weeks left to polish my manuscript for Pitch Wars. I also have uni reading to do and three assignments due for the end of the month. It’s going to be a busy few weeks, but I’m motivated to get everything done!

Are you entering Pitch Wars? If so, what do you plan on focussing on this month?


Pitch Wars 2018 #BoostMyBio

Hello fellow writers, readers and anyone in-between! Thank you to the 2017 mentees for creating #PWPoePrompts and a special thanks to Audra from Auggie Talk for helping with the #BoostMyBio! I’m excited read the wonderful bios and make some writer friends!

About Me

My name is Felicia, I was born in a big city and raised in a small South Africa town. I grew up with diversity in books, adventures and pets.

While my mom made sure I had enough books to read, my father made sure we visited enough museums. This led me to growing up loving literature, history and art, and I try to incorporate all three elements into my writing as much as possible.

I fell completely in love with Europe while living in the Netherlands and Belgium, that’s why most of my stories take place in European cities.

I’m in my final year of my BA in Creative writing with a major in English.

English is my second language, but also my preferred language. In school we learned U.K. English, so I might spell it “coloured” instead of “colored.”

My interests include:

Book Taste

I tend to read any book which appeals to me from adult thriller to YA contemporary. One of my favorite books is Daughter of Smoke and Bone. Not only did I fall in love with the story and characters, but also with Prague. It resulted in me booking a trip to visit the mysterious city just to visit all the book locations. Some of my other favorite books are Gone Girl, Vampire Academy, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, The Host, Ruby Red, The Raven Boys, Caraval and The Song of Achilles.

Books I’m looking forward to reading soon: Cruel Prince, Girls of Paper & Fire, Daughter of the Burning City and Strange the Dreamer.

My Writing

I’ve always wanted to be a writer (I think since writing a essay on cows in second grade). Unfortunately I grew up believing it wasn’t a profession I could go into. That didn’t stop me from writing in my free time. As I became older I realized that my dream could become reality, since them I’ve been writing with more determination and passion. I’ve completed three novels, but my current #wip is my love child. I tend to write stories about misfits, macabre, magic and mythology.

My Manuscript

DANCE OF DEATH is a YA urban fantasy with paranormal elements. A short summary…

Two witches with different magical inheritances unite to find their loved ones before they become victims of the occult rituals that are drenching Paris in death.


sage IMG_20180713_004719

Elements it has:

  • witches
  • feminism
  • Paris
  • friendship
  • magic & witchcraft (duh!)
  • occultism
  • death & skeletons
  • croissants
  • dreamy boys
  • badass girls
  • a cat
  • dual POV

 I wrote DANCE OF DEATH during NaNoWriMo 2017, but didn’t win because I was 10k short. Since then I’ve added more words, characters and twists. This is my most exciting story so far! Not only did I write the book I wanted to read, but also poured everything I love into it. I hope whoever reads my story will adore it as much as I do!

paris Picture2

Why work with me…

I’m ready to take my manuscript to the next level! With my writing journey I’ve realized that other’s feedback is crucial to improving and thriving. I’m open to new ideas and techniques to help my manuscript (and writing) become the best it can be. I’m also looking forward to working with a mentor that will see the potential of my story, and help highlight my core elements and themes.

IMG_7526 - Copy

Let’s connect

If you want to get to know me some more or just chat, you can find me on Twitter or Instagram.



More about My #WIP

I’ve talked about my writing/revising progress on my manuscript. However, I haven’t shared much about the project itself and what it’s about. On Twitter I share some of my novel aesthetics and other details, so if you follow me you probably have a bit of an idea.

My novel centres around two witches with different magical inheritances who are both looking for a loved one. Their separate searches lead them to Paris, where ritual murders are drenching the streets in death. They have to work together to save their loved ones before they are next.

Of all the novels I have written, this one is most special, because it has everything I love in it: magic, friendship, death, Paris and a long list of other elements. I share my progress and some inspo on Twitter and my Instagram highlights (if you want to check that out).

Here is one of the aesthetics I made for my novel, this one’s theme is beginnings.

begin - Copy

My Birthday Books

Growing up I loved celebrating my birthday, now that I’m older ‘m way less hyped. Now it’s just a reminder that I’m aging and still have a long way to go before accomplishing my goals. Yes, I’m a bit morbid towards aging and everything it symbolises. However, there are still aspects which about birthdays that I will always love. One of them is gifts. Every year I buy myself a present (usually a book) to congratulate myself on another year on planet earth. Because for some reason no one buys me books for my birthday, so the task falls on me. This year I have decided to treat myself to THREE books.

With my TBR growing, I decided to pre-order two of them, that way I also have something to look forward to.

My first choice was The Cruel Prince by Holly Black. Everyone on Twitter has been recommending this book and the fan art was killing me.


My second choice was Girls of Paper & Fire by Natasha Ngan. I fell in love with this book once I saw the cover and my fondness grew when I read the synopsis. I’m extremely excited for this book which releases on 6 November 2018.


My third choice was The Fever King by Victoria Lee. This book sounds different in a good way and since I follow the author on Twitter, I’ve been falling in love with her snippets and aesthetics for this novel that releases next year March 1st 2019.


I ordered e-books for them all. Because I don’t live in the US or UK, shipping cost almost as much as the book itself and it tends to take 1-3 months to arrive. With e-books I get it immediately and can start devouring the words.


Do you get books for your birthday? If so, what’s on your wishlist?

Mid-Year Book Freakout Tag

It’s the middle of the year and I’m shocked at how fast time went by. My goal for this year was to read 40 books (or more), but it’s July and I’ve only read 8. When I realized this I was disappointed in myself, but then realized I’ve been spending all my reading time on writing. So in the end I haven’t wasted time, just spent it on something else. With that said I’ve changed my Gooodreads reading goal to 24 books and hoping to succeed.

I was reluctant to do this tag because ii haven’t read that many books, but decided to go for it. I’m not sure who created this tag (but thank you!), I saw it on Jade form hhhh blog and you should definitely check t out (her aesthetics are on point and they are witchy af!). Also, I should add, I rarely read new releases, so most of the books mentioned were released some time ago.


Best book of the year so far?

So far I haven’t added any books to my favourites this year, but it I have to choose I’d say Norse Mythology.



A new release you haven’t read yet, but want to?

  1. Legendary by Stephanie Garber
  2. Ace of Shades by Amanda Foody.
  3. Cruel Prince by Holly Black. Everyone talks about how great this book is and the synopsis has me hooked.


Most anticipated release for autumn/winter?

  1. Girls of Paper & Fire by Natalie Ngan
  2. Catwoman: Soulstealer by Sarah J. Maas



Biggest disappointment of the year so far?

I don’t really have any disappointments. I try to read books I know I’ll love or at least like. If I have to choose it’ll probably be a uni book I was forced to read.


Biggest surprise of the year so far?

Half Bad by Sally Green. It was totally different that what I expected, but a good kind of different.



New favorite author?

Neil Gaiman


Your newest fictional crush?

Matthew Clairmont from A Discovery of Witches. A vampire, French, part of a secret organisation and handsome. What’s not to love!

unnamed (4)


Your newest favourite character?

Nathan from Half Bad. His character is so well crafted and his voice is distinctive, it feels like his an actual person I know. (Also, I ship Nathan and Gabriel so hard!)


A book that made you cry?

Turtles All The Way Down by John Green. That ending had me in tears!



A book that made you happy?

Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky X. Such a fun and important book and I look forward to seeing the movie!



The most beautiful book so far?                    

Reflections by Briana Morgan. This book took my breath away, not only is the cover beautiful, but also the writing and the story.


5 Ways CampNaNo is Helpful

If you are a writer, you know how important writing resources are. CampNano is one of those great programs that help in more ways than one. CampNaNo is the more relaxed version of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) which takes place in November and is basically a month dedicated to writing. If you haven’t participated or you’re unsure if you want to, here are some helpful features CampNaNo provides.

  1. Specialized Goal

You get to decide what you will be working on and what your goal is. You can decide if you want to work on a novel, poetry, a play or any other genre. You can then decide if you want to count per hours, pages or words. I prefer words, but am currently using pages. Once you have decided what you will be working on and how you want your progress tracked, you can get started!

  1. Progress Tracker

You get to see the progress you have made and the journey you still have ahead. Every time you add you statistics (word/page/line count) it will show your working rate, how long you still have to go and how much work you need to do per day to finish on time. This is a great way to see how productive you are and still need to be.

  1. Routine & Consistency

Because there is a clear deadline, you are more likely to make time for writing and form a routine. You have a month to complete your goal, whether you writing everyday for a week to finish or daily with smaller amounts of work. A routine will form and it will help you stay consistent with your writing (even if it is just for a month).

  1. Writing Community

Cabins are a great feature of CampNaNo. Basically a cabin is where a group of writers are placed in order to talk to each other through a chat room. This helps share encouragements and also with making writer friends. You can choose to be placed in a cabin with writers who have similar projects or you can create your own (and add whoever you want). If you don’t care much for the social aspect, you don’t have to join a cabin at all!. This July I decided to camp solo.

  1. Prizes for Motivation

If you reach your goal by the end of the month, you get some prizes! They are usually codes to get programs or products at a discount price. This might not seem that impressive, but you never know when you might need some extra writing resources. You also get a certificate you can print out, so it’s something to work toward and look forward to!


I hope you found this post helpful and that it inspires you to try out CampNano! The next camp is in April 2019.


Are you doing CampNaNo this month? What do you find most helpful about CampNano?

Writing Update & CampNaNo Progress


I’m back from my solo writing retreat/house-sitting! It’s been great to spend some time along with my book, but unfortunately I didn’t spend as much time revising and writing as I planned.

My motivation was not at its best and I struggled to stay focussed and achieve my goals. After a few days I realised the two weeks were not going to be spent as planned. I needed some time to relax and do other non-writing things. I also set unrealistic writing goals for myself. Recently I’ve discovered that I have my own pace when writing and revising and by setting these goals, I was placing pressure on myself. In the end I was so stressed that when I did something else (not write related), I felt guilty and did not enjoy what I was doing. Instead of pushing myself, I decided to take my time and do other things I enjoyed without the pressure of deadlines. Once I broke that barrier, I started to spend more time with my story, the words came naturally and I was excited to revise.

My goal was to complete three parts of my novel, but I only completed one. I don’t really mind, because it had to be shaped, new scenes were added and details needed to be brought to live.

My CampNaNo goal is to revise 125 pages, but as I revise more pages are added. The part I finished revising is now complete at 62 pages, but it used to be 42. I’m hoping to reach my CampNano goal before I’m completely done.


Remember everyone has their own pace and way of doing things, what works for someone else might not work for you. Keep on trying until you find your pace. If you are participating in CampNano, I hope you are making progress and enjoying it!